Mammograms In Action

All Joe Cans donations go directly to the Barbells for Boobs, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds toward early detection of breast cancer. We at Joe Cans are so happy to contribute toward the greater good of this excellent organization.

Here at Joe Cans, we became affiliated with Barbells for Boobs through our local gym in 2011, when we hosted an event in our local gym. Our first year, the event was held in Stephanee’s honor, and she was able to attend, just six short weeks before she passed away. After holding a second event the following year, we accumulatively raised over $17,000. Today, with Joe Cans, we plan to continue the tradition that we have begun!

Barbells For Boobs at the CrossFit Refinery 2011, 2012

Thanks to your help, here's how much we've raised thus far:

September 2015:

Mammograms provided:
175 people

View our fundraising page on the Barbells for Boobs website.


Be proactive ~
Have a Plan

Beat breast cancer to the punch — create a plan with Early Detection Plan. Receive reminders to do breast self-exams and schedule your clinical breast exams/mammograms via email alerts, calendar reminders, or smart phone apps!
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Get Screened

Barbells for Boobs is committed to being a proactive voice in early detection and provide resources to those that typically would not have access to screening and diagnostic procedures.
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